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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Hold a series of Activities for the Women’s Day

  In order to add to the gaiety of the women’s day, TOEC March 6th organized a fun activity in the stadium.
  On March 9th, TOEC carried out a communication activity to celebrate the Women’s Day. The female representatives at all levels took part in the activity. General manager Mr Sun Weidong as well as other high level managers attended and addressed the meeting. They extended grateful thanks to female employees for their service to the company and hoped they will keep up with the good work to accept the challenge --- the new situation of the financial crisis. The representatives of female employees Ms Liu Fengxin made a proposal of broadening source and reducing expenditure. All the participants subscribed the names to the initiative to demonstrate the confidence and resolve. The March8 Red Banner Pace setter and community as well as other outstanding women were praised and granted the certificates and prizes. The highlight of the activity was presented in the break draw and recreation. All female employees enjoyed the Women’s Day.


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