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  From march 6th and 7th, the first board meeting of TOEC in 2009 opened. Mr Zhang Bingjun, board chairman of TOEC hosted meeting. Mr Sun Weidong, general manager of TOEC made a working report to the board of directors. TOEC board members and supervisors attended and addressed the meeting. The participants showed praise to the achievement TOEC made in 2008 as well as gratitude to senior managers of TOEC for the hard work in the last year. The meeting reached to agreement: during the past year, all the TOEC employees finished work in a satisfactory way. The participants also gave advices on the development of TOEC. They hoped the high level management took economic situation into full account, increase the investment on market development and technology R&D and reserves of manpower to promote the development of pillar industries and create new management achievement.
  • On March 6th, officials from Tianjin Personnel Bureau, experts from institutions and academies visited TOEC and had a research on enterprise. The board chairman and CPC secretary of Zhonghuan Electronics Information Group, Mr You Huadong hosted the wo......
  • In order to add to the gaiety of the womens day, TOEC March 6th organized a fun activity in the stadium. On March 9th, TOEC carried out a communication activity to celebrate the Womens Day. The female representatives at all levels took part in the act......


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