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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Hold 2009 High End Interview Conference

  On March 6th, TOEC hold high end interview conference titled by proceed with confidence and develop with science, the dialogue of the interview between senior management and host involved development strategy, industry program, market development and harmonious life. The conference made TOEC management and employees fully prepare for the thought and action.
  • TOEC 2009 first economy meeting opened following the national anthem with much ceremony on Febr.7th. Ms Deng Yali, the vice general manager of TOEC chaired the meeting. General manager Sun Weidong made an administrative working report titled by Focus ......
  • On March 6th, officials from Tianjin Personnel Bureau, experts from institutions and academies visited TOEC and had a research on enterprise. The board chairman and CPC secretary of Zhonghuan Electronics Information Group, Mr You Huadong hosted the wo......


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