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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Economic Meeting Officially Opened

  On August 22nd, TOEC economic meeting officially opened on schedule. TOEC secretary of CPC, Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang hosted meeting, the top-level and middle-level managers, related staff were present in the meeting.
   Representing the top-level managers, Mr. Sun Weidong general manager of TOEC, made a working report that summarized and reviewed the work of TOEC in the first half year, especially in the field of work highlights and enterprise assets. Meanwhile, he put forward the working ideas for the second half year and the twelfth Five-Year Plan. He pointed out the second half year work focus on accomplishment of the tasks set for this year, management of the product quality and achievement of the project. The basic ideas for the twelfth Five-Year Plan is through market force, focus on business development and make forecasts of industry direction.
   Finally, TOEC secretary of CPC, Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang made a summary of the meeting and emphasized the corporate strategy and restructuring, corporate confidentiality and security, enterprise culture building and self promotion. The success of the meeting pushed the economic development of TOEC into higher level.


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