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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Activities to Celebrate the 60 Anniversary of foundation of the People's Republic of China.

  In order to celebrate the 60 anniversary of foundation of the People’s Republic of China, advocate the patriotic spirit of the staff, enhance the staff’s sense of responsibility and mission, and promote the development of enterprise, TOEC carried out the celebration activities titled by advocating society harmony and creating enterprise glory.
  Through the activities, the TOEC staff reviewed the great changes and brilliant achievement from the founding of new China in the past 60 years, understood the enterprise development in the past 60 years and target in the future, and it appealed to staff’s emotion of patriotic spirit and love for enterprise.
  • For the period ending with 2009, there had been 10 years since TOEC first hold talent selection. Through this platform, groups of technical talents and management talents came to the fore. On the tenth anniversary, TOEC made an adjustment in the talen......
  • In order to implement the spirit of the first employee congress and initiative of the womens day and further enhance the consciousness of energy saving, TOEC carried out the competition titled by broadening source and reducing expenditure to strengthe......


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