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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Take Part In “Zhong Huan Patriotism” Chorus Activity

  On September 19th, in order to celebrate the 60 anniversary of foundation of the People’s Republic of China, “Zhong Huan Patriotism” chorus activity of Zhong Huan Electronics and Information Group Company was hold in Tianjin grand auditorium. More than two thousands employees and staffs attended the activity. In the last minute of the chorus, all the employees and staffs sang song of their homeland high and together, the heavy sounds of the song brought the house down.
  TOEC set up a chorus and invite a professional music tutor to organize rehearsal carefully for the chorus activity, finally TOEC presented a perfect performance and a professional-grade audio-visual enjoyment for the audience. The performance of TOEC fully expressed employees and staffs their love for the great motherland, the praise for the excellent development of the motherland in the past 60 years and best wishes for the motherland.


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