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快乐彩票APP |TOEC LED Display Shined in the 60 Anniversary Ceremony of Foundation of the People’s Republic of China

  On October 1th, Tianjin float “Bin Hai Xin Mao” went through the Tian An Men Square, it attracted the worldwide people’s attention. Rocket, satellite, helicopter, railway high-speed train and other fancy models presented the Tianjin city before the world, the float was an integration of the modern scientific and technological achievement, as well as would be like a microcosm of the Tianjin rapid development in economic society and scientific technology.
  When the float went through the Tian An Men Square, the LED display located in the middle of the float showed Tianjin great achievements recently in the fields of economic society and city culture. The 4.48 meters high and 2.88 meters wide, covering an area of more than 12 square meters LED display was researched and developed independently by TOEC. It reached the highest domestic technological level and was the first outdoor high-definition LED display. Considering the LED display in the float appeared in the 60 anniversary ceremony of foundation of the people’s republic of China which had great political significance, TOEC staff mainly applied mature art and technique and properly used advanced art and technique in the design, tried to purchase products from well known manufacturer at home and abroad in the materials, and depending on the TOEC production advantages of electronic product made full use of modern equipment to avoid errors caused by manual operation. Practice had proved that the design, production and management mode of LED display is correct. The quality and technical parameters complied with requirements of the float on National Day.
  Tianjin float presented the achievements of Tianjin city in various fields since the founding of New China, especially since the implementation of reform and opening to the outside world 30 years ago. As an important part of Tianjin float TOEC LED display gave a full expression to its advanced technology in LED display.


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