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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Hold Regular Meeting of Economic Work in the Third Quarter

  Oct.13th, TOEC hold regular meeting of economic work in the third quarter, vice general manager Ms Lv Xia hosted the meeting. The enterprise economic situation from January to September, personnel training and other related issues had been analyzed and summarized in the meeting.
  It’s noted that basically the enterprise overcame the impact of economic crisis since the beginning of this year, and the annual economic indicator was expected to reach. Although the difficulties caused by the economic crises had most impacted the electronic manufacturing industry and electronic components industry, the staff of the enterprise never backed away from difficulties and made great efforts to support the existing economic situation. The sales revenue had been completed 70 percent with an increase of 2 percent compared with the same time in the last year.
  The elements of the work in the fourth quarter were put forward: firstly the implement of the economic indicator, secondly the draft of the 12-th five years plan, thirdly the accomplishment of the 2009 annual summary and the preparation of the 2010 annual plan.
  Finally, general manager Mr Sun Weidong stressed that the management strictly control the quality of the project and not make any mistake in the product quality. In order to support the normal production, the management should deal with the corporate employment. Every department should finish the fourth quarter work and the draft of the 12-th five years plan.
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