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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Persist in Quality First

  China Electronic Information Consumer Award was the great honor granted by the consumer and user in China. Based on the quality management demands of the CPC central committee instruction, China Quality Management Association for Electronics Industry strictly selected enterprises and products as China Electronic Information Consumer Award in accordance with administrative regulations of Electronic Information Consumer Award.
  TOEC implemented national quality management policies and regulations actively, insisted on quality first, carried out completed quality management system, devoted to providing products and service to meet customer demands, instantly improved the quality management, and was given praise by the customer. So TOEC Won the Title of China Electronic Information Consumer Enterprise Award, TOEC fax machine gained the title of China Electronic Information Consumer Product Award as well.

  • On NOV.IIth, Tianjin Zhonghhuan Electronic and Information Group Co., Ltd held the science and technology conference. The conference aimed to review the success of the scientific and technological work, prospect for the science and technology innovati......
  • The forecast at the beginning of this year was proved by the experience over the whole year, the anticipated difficulties was also confirmed by the wind and rain over the whole year. 2009 is not only a symbol of the year but also a sign for financial ......


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