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快乐彩票APP |New Year Greeting

  The forecast at the beginning of this year was proved by the experience over the whole year, the anticipated difficulties was also confirmed by the wind and rain over the whole year. 2009 is not only a symbol of the year but also a sign for financial crisis and economic depression. Deep impression of all uncommon and uneasy things happened in 2009 touched our heart, the difficulties and how to bridge over the difficulties affected our feeling.
  In the year 2009, there were too many difficulties, sweat and moving things in our mind. Under the impact of financial crisis, lots of enterprises fall down, while we are sighing ‘the left is the king’, we are facilitating more we are still surviving, and insisting on the strategy of developing is the overriding importance. In 2009, facing the difficulties of lack of the market demands, our core power staff were not to fear to take the responsibility. They developed market and step up technical research with the market demands, forming the positive situation between the market and technical R&D. Depending on our outstanding management staff, solid fundamental management system, excellent brand and social image, we worked very hard to survived from the economic crisis. There is no word like cowardice, retreat and despair in our life dictionary on the contrary we have stubbornness, insistence and confidence. Just about the strong positive professional spirit, strong responsibility and the awareness of achievement to customer, the management in all levels make concerted effort to overcome difficulties and conquer the crisis, finally form a good economic fundamentals.
  Looking back over the year 2009, always a wonderful power moved us in tears, there are lots of important things impressed us, there are people which we can not forget. The year 2009 make impression upon us not only the memory and movement but the deep gratitude felling in our heart. I, as a representative of TOEC will express my most sincere thanks to the persons who give most support and long standing care to the development of company. I will also appreciate the hard work all TOEC staff did. Due to the supports from all aspects and great efforts from the staff, TOEC have overcome the tough time and difficulties to lay a good foundation for the year 2010 and future development.
  The year 2010 is filled with hope and uncertainty. In the western person eye, the Chinese age is coming, the Chinese power will anticipate this new time. It’s can be predicted that the international economic rapid development will decrease and place on the right track, the Chinese economic development is basically formed the mode from rapidly development to stably process. We should jump on the bandwagon not only to have the expectation of industry transformation and upgrading for steady development, but also to emancipate the mind and promote cultural spirit. Moreover, we should have the humanism and aspiration of seeking the good for others and sharing the achievements with others. 2010 is an anticipated year, and through the financial crisis the economic recovery will appear and we will become more mature, steady, confident, passionate and energetic. 2010 is the end of the 11th-five year plan and the beginning of the 12th-five year plan. We should have a great longing for a bright future, make efforts to set up our teams and train our young talents while summarizing up our success. We should break through all restraint imposed by external world and make more self exercise and motivation to reorganize the life and seek for a position. We should get of the impulsiveness, endure loneliness to work happily and grow up in a reasonable, peaceable and humble manner.
  I wish you a happy and lucky new year and a great vigor in the year of the Tiger. 

General Manager:
                              Dec.31. 2011 
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