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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Twelfth Five-year Plan were being broadly Conducted

  From the economic meeting in August to the high-level management meeting in the December, TOEC put the twelfth five-year plan into the agenda of the meeting several times, and kick-started the twelfth five-year plan.
  On Dec.5th, TOEC held high-level management meeting, the first priority issue was the twelfth five-year plan of the enterprise. Chairman of the board, Mr. Zhang Bingjun pointed out that do the enterprise planning should ride the trend of the times, be in accordance with the international situation and domestic policy, and highly predict and grasp the tendency of economic development in the next few years. Military products are the top priority of the enterprise development, and aiming at the direction we should make full use of the superiorities to further strengthen and expand leading enterprise in the military product. Based on the clearly development direction and focalization, we should enlarge the investment of the talents and the cultivation of the young talents to make more and more excellent personnel come to the fore. Meanwhile we should pay much attention to the basic management and enterprise culture, do a better job in the fields of employees activities and cultural instruction to promote cultural grade. General manager Mr. Sun Weidong reviewed and summarized the eleventh five-year plan, put forward the existed issues in the eleventh five-year plan and made advice about the direction, object, keynote for the twelfth five-year plan. Due to the effect of financial crisis, TOEC had done a lot of work to prepare for the economic difficulty and displayed a healthy development. But there were many problems in the management such as conservative ideas, weak sale force, technical puts small in scale and talented person echelon and training not promptly and arrive.
  In the meeting, the top level management spoke their mind freely and had a spirited discussion, the frame of the twelfth five-year plan basically generated. The general strategy of the enterprise twelfth five-year plan is the sustained development of the three pillar industries, which takes the military product as focalization for the main enterprise development direction, regards electronic manufacturing service as support for the moderate development, and makes the electronic components as basic for the sustained development. At the end of the twelfth five-year plan the sales revenue reaches 2.5 billion yuan and the profit worth 200 million yuan. The development focalization includes the military product, technical investment and talent team.
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