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快乐彩票APP |The First Economy Meeting of TOEC in 2008 Opened

  TOEC 2008 first economy meeting Jan.26th opened following the national anthem.
  General manager Sun Weidong made an administrative working report titled by " Focus on the result, implement the strategy had made and Push economy to run healthily" Mr Yu Rifang, vice general manager of TOEC awarded the outstanding departments or factories and persons that made a great progress during the past year. Mr.Zhang Bingjun, board chairman of TOEC made an important new year's address.
  All the representatives made an agreement on the events TOEC would face and the meeting will benefit the development of TOEC.
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  • TOEC gathered her female staff to a party celebrating the big day---The Womens Day. There are totally 32 outstanding women had been praised and awarded for the contribution to TOEC last year, whose features were well displayed in the party. To add mor......


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