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快乐彩票APP |New Lunch Hall for TOEC Staff

  TOEC recently redecorated its lunch hall to offer a more comfortable place for its staff to have lunch. New schedule, new dinner list make all the staff enjoyed.
  • ● The total money TOEC doninated to Wenchuan,Sichuan is 223,915RMB. ● On the right time-14:28,May 19th,2008,all staff of TOEC mourned for the people who died in the disaster in Wenchuan,Sichuan province. ● TOEC hold special meeting to commemorat......
  • Followed by the national anthem, TOEC July 1st celebrated the event of the 87 anniversary of China Communist Party foundation. During the event, Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, the secretary of CCP in TOEC, made an important lecture titled by Continue to Create ......


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