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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Held Swimming Games for Its Staff

  During the period of Beijing Olympic Games, TOEC held swimming games for its staff in the affiliated middle school of Beijing Normal University on August 23rd. Including all leaders, all the 23 branch labor committees sent their representatives there and joined the funny games.
  There were nearly 260 individuals joined all 9 different projects to compete. 8 among 23 branch labor committees chosed 114 staff to take part in the team of cheering squad to cheer up for all the "athletes".
  Through a drastic competition, all the excellent performances came into the result: 16 golden medals,16 silver medals and 14 bronze medals. By voting, there were all 6 units coming out to win the best organizations. Finally,the games finished following the Chinese traditional song "Jasmine".
  • During the double days-from 30th to 31rd August, TOEC economic meeting officially opened as schedule. Representing the team of top manangers,Mr. Sun Weidong,general manager of TOEC, made a summarized statement of all the aspects of TOEC did the first ......
  • With the strenghth of RD and the evaluation of market and to better meet a various of needs of different customers, TOEC recently presented a new generation of network terminal equipment,which showed the good result of investment of science of this co......


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