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快乐彩票APP |The Fifteenth Board Meeting of TOEC Opened

  On Sep.7th, the fifteenth board meeting of TOEC officially opened. Board chairman of TOEC,Mr. Zhang Bingjun hosted this event and our board members,supervisers and other relative persons presented.
  Mr. Sun Weidong,member of the board and general manager of TOEC, made a summarized statement of all the aspects of TOEC did the first half year of 2008. And he analyzed the SWOT TOEC will have to face in the second half year.He stated the plans for the whole working mission in the lest of this year.
  All the participants showed praise to the achievement TOEC did and offered valuable suggestions and advices to the company.
  Mr. Zhang Bingjun, board chairman of TOEC, made a conclusion speech to the meeting.
  The event successfully finished by all the participants' endeavour.


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