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快乐彩票APP |New Network Terminal Borned in TOEC

  With the strenghth of R&D and the evaluation of market and to better meet a various of needs of different customers, TOEC recently presented a new generation of network terminal equipment,which showed the good result of investment of science of this company.
  On Sep.12th, 2008, TOEC hosted a testing meeting for the new generation of Multi-functional Network Information Terminal. Tianjin Science&Technology Evaluation Center, who was ordered by Tianjin Science & Technology Committee would authorize the prouct to put into market.
  Finally, All the judges come to the agreement that the multi-function network information terminal based on embeding on-time operation system is perfect with completive documents, specific study data and satisfied technology & economy index and authorized to put into market.
  • During the period of Beijing Olympic Games, TOEC held swimming games for its staff in the affiliated middle school of Beijing Normal University on August 23rd. Including all leaders, all the 23 branch labor committees sent their representatives there ......
  • To better meet the needs of market on quality control, TOEC 1ST,Sep. updated its quality system. Through the improvement, a more competitive TOEC has been strengthened. On 4th, Sep.,TOEC shared the progress to all staff there.......


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