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快乐彩票APP |Make achievement together Create harmony happily

  In order to enrich employee life and strengthen company cooperation, TOEC held an interesting game from 22nd to 24th in October, named "Make achievement together, Create harmony happily".
  The games include "Baby fishing", "Transfer in air","Pick up balls with wood sticks" and so on. During the whole process, all participants take "work together,health and happiness, participancy is the first" as principles. "Work together, Compete equally" was shown in the whole games. By this activity, we improved employee’s health and created harmonious environment. We will do our best to assist company achievement of all economic targets together.
  • On Sep.7th, the fifteenth board meeting of TOEC officially opened. Board chairman of TOEC,Mr. Zhang Bingjun hosted this event and our board members,supervisers and other relative persons presented. Mr. Sun Weidong,member of the board and general manag......
  • All staff of TOEC helped the people who got in trouble with the earthquake through donations on Oct.23rd.2008. TOEC totally donated 1,546pcs of cloths and cotton quilts together with around RMB10,000 in only one day which greatly showed staffs kindnes......


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