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快乐彩票APP |The Twelfth Board Meeting of TOEC was Opened

  On April 6th, 2007, the Twelfth Board Meeting of TOEC was successfully opened.
  Mr. Zhang Bingjun, board chairman of TOEC, presided over the meeting. General manager Mr. Sun Weidong made the working report of 2006 and working plan of 2007. Vice-general manager Ms. Lu Xia made three important reports: financial report of 2006, profit distribution plan of 2006 and awarding funds usage of 2006.
  All the participants had seriously discussed the four reports and made a consistent conclusion: all the managers were driving TOEC to a correct and prospective orientation with innovating spirit and clear strategy goal. All kinds of economic indexes have been successfully achieved. Facing the new year of 2007 that is full of new challenges and new chances, all staff of TOEC should keep on working hard to make a greater achievement.


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