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快乐彩票APP |Youth Blooms the Spring, Energy Promotes the Development of TOEC

  To celebrate the May 1st Labor's Day and May 4th Youth Day, restate the teamwork spirit, strengthen the value of enterprise and educate young members, TOEC organized a series funny games ,lasting three days , titled "Burning your energy, celebrate two harmony holidays" and "Youth blooms the spring, energy promotes development of TOEC".
  Funny games and activities promotes the communication among staffs, shows the new image of the youth and the determination to make a great contribution to TOEC.
  • To make TOECs project named Boost Young Members to Thrive scientific and systematic, boost the young members to thrive as soon as possible and bring up more and more qualified staff to meet the need of the steady and rapid development of company, TOEC......
  • TOEC recently promulgated the staff of the year 2007 in different factories including eight excellent experts of the year, twelve outstanding specialists of the year, three technical craftsmen of the year, twelve manufacturing managers of the year and......


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