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  On July 16th, 2007, TOEC absorbed 45 new staff who just graduated from different universities all over the country. As the necessary part of HR project of TOEC, the new members will shoulder their responsibility on the development of TOEC.
  • On April 6th, 2007, the Twelfth Board Meeting of TOEC was successfully opened. Mr. Zhang Bingjun, board chairman of TOEC, presided over the meeting. General manager Mr. Sun Weidong made the working report of 2006 and working plan of 2007. Vice-general......
  • The RD and manufacturing facilities with 20,000m2, the first part of TOEC new factory project in Binhai New Area, was put into use. The Base Opening Ceremony was held on July 18, 2007. Long before Binhai New Area was pointed as the third economy prior......


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