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快乐彩票APP |2007 Economic Working Session of TOEC Officially Opened

  2007 Economic Working Session from August 25th to 26th of TOEC officially opened.
  Mr. Sun Weidong, the general manager of TOEC, made an important report titled by "Position ourselves and develop with trend" at the beginning of this session. The general manager together with all the participants recalled the finished economic index, development of the pillar industries, R&D of technology, basic management and the operating economy situation during the past half financial year. Sun also addressed his praise to some branch factories and some departments who made a great performance during the period. The report analyzed the opportunity and threats TOEC was facing and offered a completive distribution of the pillar industries in the coming half financial year of TOEC. Respectively, other top leaders of TOEC made their reports on divided duties. Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, the secretary of CPC of TOEC, closed the session by his important report. In the session, TOEC's distinguished guest Mr.Weijun, vice president of Planning Department of The National Information Industry Ministry introduced the information industry in "The Fifth Five-year Plan" and the development situation of some pointed sectors.
  The successful session will benefit the economy development in TOEC's next half financial year.


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