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快乐彩票APP |English Competition Curtain Down

  Organized by Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronics Information Group, The first "Zhonghuan Cup" Youth English Competition finished recently. There were all together 12 contestants to promote into the final round. With the excellent show, Richie Rao and Wang shuo, the representatives of TOEC, won the third awards.
  • The 13th shareholder meeting and directorate of TOEC were held on 8th, Sep. 2007. The Board Chairman of TOEC Mr. Zhang Bingjun hosted the meeting and General Manager Mr. Sun Weidong issued the report The 2007 Midyear Working Report of TOEC. The report......
  • On 22nd, Sep. 2007, TOEC Sports Game held in the affiliated middle school of Peking Normal University. All the departments and branch factories with their own teams joined the game in different ways. There are all together 10,000 participants took par......


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