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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Participated in the Topic exhibition Titled by The Road of Renaissance

  On Dec.8th 2007, TOEC with 50 members had a visit on the topic exhibition titled by "The Road of Renaissance" in the People's Revolution Military Museum of China in Beijing.
  This visit encouraged the hard-working spirit of young staff to make a greater contribution to our enterprise, our country and our life.
  • On Dec.29th, 2007, The annual working meeting of TOEC opened. Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, CPC secretary of TOEC, presided over the event. Mr. Sun Weidong made his report titled by 2007 Working Report and Mr. Zhang Bingjun made an important speech on it. And ......
  • TOEC recently organized tug of war activity to enrich employees life of TOEC and improve the spirit of team cooperation.......


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