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快乐彩票APP |Review 2007 and Move Forward to 2008

  On Dec.29th, 2007, The annual working meeting of TOEC opened. Mr. Zhang Zhenjiang, CPC secretary of TOEC, presided over the event. Mr. Sun Weidong made his report titled by " 2007 Working Report" and Mr. Zhang Bingjun made an important speech on it. And including all vice-presidents, advanced consultants, middle managers and other representatives took part in this meeting.
  In 2007, TOEC made a better progress in its three pillar industries and the result benefit its economy development. New factory with 20,000 kilometres for R&D and manufacturing of TOEC's product. The investment on international target markets and national markets continually increased and TOEC built an elite marketing team to support company's new policy imple mentation. More cashes rushed into the project of R&D and improving manufacture capability. Also TOEC always regards human resource as a key role in development of TOEC, particularly in some important position and is serious attitude on finance. Through various activities, the enterprise culture has gotten better and the life of staff has been improved with 15 percents increase. All the behaviors have further unified TOEC and is good for builting a harmony enterprise.
  In 2008, the core spirit of the development strategy of TOEC is: implement the strategy and no lingering on the scientific development way; create new ideas and hold global eyes; restate the importance and special position of market so that all department must be determined to support it; better brand decorating; try to praise and encourage staff with more benefit; built harmony enterprise and push enterprise to develop healthily.


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