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快乐彩票APP |TOEC Chooses Binhai New Area as Its Electronics Manufacturing Base

  Our company recently has chosen Binhai New Area as its new electronics-manufacturing base with 76 thousand square meters. The first part of the construction projects has finished in October. And rest part with 50 thousand square meters for EMS base is scheduled to buildin the first half year of 2007.All the construction projects will be completed in 2008.
  The new base will definitely stimulate us to make great efforts in manufacturing automotive ignition coil to reach a result of double increase in amount of exporting automotive ignition coil to America's, European and other international markets. And TOEC will reach to the top of the list of enterprises selling the same products to foreign markets. On the other hand, This new base will make the structure of electronics information industry got better functional and improved in Binhai New Area.


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