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Electronical Components

          As one of the largest manufacturing group for design and manufacturing electronic components in the north of China, TOEC is equipped with more than 50 production lines and provides various transformers in network communication, transformers of medical instruments, consumer electronics, automotive ignition coils and electric cars charging equipments. All the businesses with the RoHS run by TOEC are under the rule of international standards and trade protocols. And the products have been exported to more than thirty countries. Our customers are: Mitsubishi, Sharp of Japan, APC, Wells, GE, TYCO, Emerson, Danaher and Honeywell of the Unites States, TRIAX of Denmark Siemens of Germany, Marque Megnatics of New Zealand as well as Huawei and ZTE among Chinese customers.


Shenzhen Highlight Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Highlight Electronic Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures transformers, and batteries used in electronics and communication.

TEL:0755-29516395 FAX:0755-29516335


  • Supercharger battery

  • Hybrid automobile battery

  • tailored battery for communication

  • battery for railway

Huigao Magnetics Co., Ltd.

As the component center of TOEC group, Huigao is specialized in the design and manufacture of wound components such as transformer, inductor, choke etc. We are also a provider of PCB assembly service with through-hole and SMT technology and a provider of the design and manufactureservice of power supply.

Huigao is an export-oriented enterprise with 85% of its products exported to America, Europe, and Asia etc. The export of LLC transformers produced by Huigao takes up more than 90% of the total export volume of this kind of transformers in China. Ever since its establishment, Huigao has developed good cooperative relationship with Fortune 500 companies around the world. Thanks to its stable product quality and value-added service, along with the fast prototyping and efficient solution, Huigao has won a lot of customers' praise.

TEL:022-28236022 FAX:022-28306117


  • Printed circuit board

  • Switching power supply

  • Toroidal transformer

  • Common mode choke

Tianjin Sparktronic Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sparktronic Co., Ltd is a modern joint-stock company and the first one specialized in mass manufacturing dry ignition coil in China. And our products are mainly used in cars, racing vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, watercrafts, snowmobiles, lawn mowers and industrial engines. We have exported products to more than 40 countries and areas such as North America, South America, Australia Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

Tianjin Sparktronic Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd. (834552) was listed on the New Third Board on November 18, 2015.

TEL:022-25217910 FAX:022-88250423-824


Tianjin New Ventech Electronic Co., Ltd.

Tianjin New Ventech Electronic CO.,LTD is a joint venture enterprise in 2004 by TOEC Group Ltd and foreign side.we specialized in producing various encapsulated transformer,high frequency and low frequency transformer,toroidal transformer,high voltage transformer,inductance,filter,current transformer and all kinds of switch power supply transformer.

Our company has a scientific management system, strong technical team,modern roduction equipment,And strict management control system. We have botained CQC,VDE,UL,RoHS,CE and the quality system certificate.

TEL:022-28260441 FAX:022-28322723



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