Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Kalao semalam entry bergambar, ni entry tanpa gambar nak meroyan sikit. Takde la meroyan kot. Melalut adalah... matilah ko!

In the past year, I've made a lot of decisions which may have seemed drastic.

But I do not regret any of them.

Simply because they were based on logic, and the fact that nothing, and I mean nothing, threatens my family or the ones I love, my livelihood and career... and friends.

And sometimes, I have had to make the decision to omit people from my life.

Again, no regrets.

As long as aku tau aku wat yang terbaik, biarkan lah. Orang nak cakap apa pon, biarlah.

Biar mereka nanti faham bila mereka tahu akan kebenarannya.

Kalao da nama pon bangkai, akan tercium gak bau nanti - walaopon berapa liter perfume ko nak douse yourself with.

Aku tanak aibkan orang, so aku tutup mulot je.

This entry is simply a reminder for me, not to close my eyes, and blind myself in the name of friendship, to sacrifice myself and the things important to me - for the sake of ungrateful turds and shitters.

Work is good, and my family is fine, and I have friends I can always count on.

That - for me, is happiness.

I do not need artificial promises, or delusional aspirations out of the realm of logic.

And for all of you out there too. Remember this...

Apa saja masaalah kita hadapi, cerminkan diri. Maybe it's us. Whatever it is - we take the step to rectify things, not whine and blame.

Life is good. And I am thankful for everything.