Friday, December 31, 2004

What the...

Was coming online to tell of more interesting news between me and abang Jai, but somehow, the joy of having dinner and a quite interesting conversation seems to have died out. I surfed CNN's website and the first thing that greeted me was this piece of heartbreaking news.

"BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (CNN) -- The death toll from Sunday's tsunamis has jumped sharply to over 116,000 after Indonesia reported nearly 80,000 people were killed in that country alone."

Already on leave, I've spent the past few days glued to the tube to watch endless replays of dead bodies lining streets of various countries struck by the quake and the resulting tsunamis. Not to mention constantly reminded of the escalating figurs of casualties. Before leaving home this evening, the figure was set at over 80,000 dead. And now that figure has jumped again!

Happy to note though my sister's back. Couple of days ago, she left with a 4X4 convoy for Penang and Kedah with Mercy Malaysia to distribute aid to those affected while I was lazing on my butt at home. She may not look it with her tatooes...but she's a saint...and ever one of my fave role models.

Anyway...on slightly less important bits of news. Yesterday afternoon the Prime Minister announced that all New Year Eve celebrations nationwide are called off in memory and to mourn for those affected by the disaster.

A good plan...if not for one, the millions of Ringgit lost on the business deals. I mean, already the financial impact of the disaster has been painful enough...just change the damn tone of the shows...not so much celebratory as in reflective. No disrespect meant...but life goes on. I know of so many organisers and sponsors who are losing money over the ban of New Year Eve celebrations...and I think it's sad. Nothing in comparison with the far reaching effect of the disaster...but still...

Anyway, last night, the Golden Triangle area of Kuala Lumpur was swarming with military personnel (they were uniformed anyway, so some uniformed unit at any rate). Coupled with the Prime Minister's announcement earlier, speculation was rife that Kuala Lumpur was actually on some terrorist list for bombing targets, which while I dare not discount, sounds incredibly like a load of horse poop to me.

Back to my lesser, insignificant life...the past few days has been extremely boring. Apart from being glued to the idiot tube most hours of the day watching the tsunami disaster events unfold (how morbid! - and so Malaysian), I don't really have much to share.

Do want to say something about one of the many funds sprouting up to collect aid for victims of the was on ntv7. Please for donations were made by several funds, one which was aimed at 'Mangsa Ombak Besar'! Which of course, fucking literally translates to 'Victims of Big Wave'. How stupid! What else...let me see...

Let's see...I got a three day two night stay at Holiday Inn Damai Beach resort or something in Sarawak. My mom won it in some draw at the recent travel fair...and as I expected when I went to claim it for her, it turned out to be an hour long sales pitch before they let go of the letter awarding the stay. Stupid old tired fucking marketing tactics!

Nikki's coming down only on Jan 8 for the 8tv anniversary celebrations since her gig on New Year's Eve in Alamanda, Putrajaya has been called off...

Ted's bugging me to go Malacca for the countdown...which I'm considering since KL has always been a bore for me, with idiots flooding the streets making a fool out of themselves and irking the shit out of claustrophobic me.

And last but not least... that person is still wearing my ring...(everyone go 'Awww!' together on cue) See you guys in my next post...