Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Today in history

Came in amazingly early to work today, the earliest ever in bloody yonks.

Actually in the office by 11am, a record to be proud of definitely. Had a good night's rest, probably due to the lack of sleep I've had of late, and woke up really refreshed after some really strange dreams.

Stranger still, as I can't really recall a shred of the dream. Dreams are simple, non tangible events, and yet offer such immense pleasures. They offer a temporary relief, a fleeting moment of escape from reality and our daily doldrums, and yet they are forgettable despite the significance of the moment.

If you're encountering a sense of deja vu in the description, then like me, I think you've stumbled on the fact that dreams, are very much similar to the relationships we have in our waking lives. They may be heavenly while they last, but you nevertheless wake up to reality of here and now, slobbering away drool off your pillow wondering what happened.

Not a very pretty picture. But then again, it never is the moment you wake up.

And that pretty much sums up after it's over. God... OK, now back to a little work. I got to finish my Linkin Park review (I've been really putting that off thanks to lack of pages because of the Euro), my Anugerah Era story...and one or two more that I've put off so long that I can't even recall. Report on success rate by the end of the day.