Thursday, July 15, 2004

Nana...Hey...Na na na na na na...Nana ke?

Obviously I'm stuck on that silly song from Nana from Akademi Fantasia season one, who's now a presenter with

It's a poppy, bouncy lollipop kinda song which grows on you. Funky disco boogie track. And after humming along with it on era, I got in the office to discover that distributors Zezz have finally sent the promo copies of Azizi's (also of Akademi Fantasia season one) Kau Duniaku as well as concert one and two of the new season of Akademi Fantasia (where's the third one which has just been released) as well as the compilation of the season one girls in Evolusi 1.

Anyway, Nana's Katakan is just the thing I need to lift my spirits. I feel so bummed. Picking up from where I left off yesterday, after I finished work, I buggered off to Central Market to try and avoid the blues, you know being surrounded by people does that. However, it didn't really change much, I was still wallowing in this deep blue funk for some reason which I couldn't put my finger on as to why.

Later that night, dropped Ted off back home to change after following him to scout for a new house, and while waiting for him in the car, I thought long, hard and deep. And I knew why.

It was two simple reasons.

First, my birthday is this Saturday, and I turn 28...alone. Somehow, my birthday every year gets me depressed, not because of the age factor, but if I'm not with someone it always gets me ultra depressed.

Secondly, based on the first reason, I miss my soulmate still. Anyway, after about three months of having zero contact, I SMSed telling it's three months this Monday and that dia ada three months more, based on promise to pay back what was owed.

And also reminding that my birthday is this Saturday, not to expect anything, but just that I'm not feeling emotionally well and that I wanted to make amends with him and forget whatever bad episodes that happened between us and just take the good ones for memories to keep me going.

Needless to say, my SMS went unanswered.

Anway, later in the night, check out the Supermodel competitionand had a good laugh, especially the horror that is the delusional Mama Rossa, and later back home to have a good sleep.

Dozed off finally at about 5am, woke up at 1.30pm and decided to pull the duvet covers over my head again to continue my much needed slumber. WHen I opened my eyes again, it was freezing, not because of the air conditioning, but because of the pouring rain outside.

At first I thought I must have slept through to the next morning, and I grabbed my mobile phone to check the time. It was 4.30pm and apparently the thunderstorm had been going on for well past half an hour.

Felt really blue, so SMSed Dudi, my soulmate's boyfriend (who had broken up with my soulmate before we met, and continued their relationship after I broke up). He's been a decent friend because I was the one who advised him when aku dan ex dia were going out together. He promised he would try to talk to my soulmate to be more decent with me. Not that it's going to help much, I know. My soulmate, like me, is kinda hard-headed and often wants cara dia sendiri. Clash of the egoes.

Dragged myself out of bed, plonked in front of the TV in front of some Diara Akademi repeat.

Mom came back,so joined her and Dad for an early dinner before hauling ass to the office where I am now.

Got some work to finish, buggering off in a while after that. Not interested to hang around. Just want to be alone.

....Nana! Hey! Nana ke...Kali pertama....ah...the power of music... Well...definitely will catch Ted's competition tonight in the semi final of the karaoke competition he's in. Maybe I can find someone to flirt with. Yum!