Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Going south

Kalau kau anggota band... dan pergi bali stesen radio ko penah promo dulu... dan nampak benda camni... sakit tak? Heh!

I found it rather funny. Painful as it may sound - seriously knowing when to not overdo is something to always remember.

Oh... and that was the locker of a DJ for Ria FM in Singapore.

Was down five or six days in Johor and Singapore for some stops for Amir there.

The best part of the trip - DRIVING!

Tak tau lah kenapa....for some reason I love driving. Sometimes for no reason but just to njoy the solitude in the car, doing what I like. It's like I have a bubble around me physically... that defines its my 'moving' space.

Driving in someone else's country? Even better... !!!

Since didn't bother wasting money to stay in Singapore which is still as costly as fuck (most expensive city in the world!) was driving back and forth and around Singapore.

At least I got my new wheels into Singapore already. So Singapore : check! Still wishing I got to drive in Japan.

Thanks everyone we met there the organisers of the event... hope to make a return there very soon. Thank you Ria FM for that 'Amir hour' to share his songs from Penghibur Jalanan and Berita Harian Singapore for taking time to have a session with us and Johor's Best 104 FM for inviting Amir to perform and also be on air.