Thursday, February 13, 2014

Arittake no yume o kakiatsume!

Told you my One Piece obsession is getting out of hand.

Above are the action figures that I've gotten so far. I really want to grow my collection - but damn this is an expensive hobby.

Of the mugiwaras (the Straw Hat Pirates), I'm only missing Franky - and that's because it's limited and hard to get.

And now they're releasing so many more... the Admirals, CP9, the four emperors... damn...

Anyway... this collecting comes with a obsession to 'photoshoot' them. Pakai Blackberry saja... takde DSLR ke pe... boleh lah kan? What do you think?

Oh... here's a bonus for Sanji fans. Couldn't resist doing this given Sanji's character.