Sunday, December 22, 2013


Ever since I came back from my trip to Japan, I have to admit I'm a little One Piece crazy.

I mean... imagine I watch 620 plus 1/2 hour episodes, and 12 full length animated specials, each about an hour or more to catch up - in just under two months since returning from Osaka.

Now... I still hold fast that manga does't do anything for me... neither does anime, really. 

One Piece however is... different. It's like an Asian Harry Potter where this whole world is created.

The plots and story arcs are interesting to say the least and the characters are well developed. Even the most minor role ends up having a significant impact on the storyline when you least expect it. Drama... those moments that tug at your heartstrings... action... One Piece - is - IT!

So earlier today - went to my first ever comic con at the annual Comic Fiesta in KLCC. Even semi-cosplayed. Semi as in I didn't plan on cosplaying - but went in jeans and a jacket, and did my FX make up as a tribute to Aleessa Gillespie from Silent Hill.

It was amazing... the energy. Yes I'm a noob... but doing DIY FX for Halloween, I become very judgmental of people's costumes. I hat store bought costumes - shows you lack effort.

But that's not what cosplaying is about - it's about loving a character or world created so much, you realise it in person. That feel good factor. And it was good to see so many One Piece characters running around (a lot of Luffys and Sanjis).

Here are some of the snaps I took.

Of course... I got sucked into buying stuff.

Bought three swords. These are cosplay swords (which means they can't be made out of anything dangerous, and there are craved in wood).

The first is Trafalgar Law's Kikoku sword. Of course Law being one of the more interesting characters that has recently been spotlighted in the series as he gangs up with Luffy and everyone loves him.

Then there's the Shusui and the Was Ichimonji katanas used by Roronoa Zoro. Damn missed missed out on the Sandai Kintetsu. But I guess getting it for half the price... by waiting till the shops were closing... there'd be that risk. Got these two for cheap.

Oh goodness... I think I'm seriously going to start cosplaying very, very... soon.