Monday, November 18, 2013

Yeay Faizul

Congratulations to all the contestants of Akademi Fantasia 2013. Especially Faizul who won last night.

I am especially proud because Faizul was on of those that I spotted as being a potential winner by the fourth week of competition - and I'm glad he proved me right.

Plus, being a former band boy, I'm glad to see him break the stereotype of a non-musician champion.

Have to admit though was disappointed Aisyah was at sixth because I thought she deserved a higher placing that that.

Still... congratulations to all the finalists. You guys worked hard. Just remember what I told you during my class. This is only the beginning of many trials to come. It won't be easy - and a lot of of you are going to disappear... except for those who persevere.

Make it!

Thanks Faizul for delivering Sepasang Sayap well enough. You are a credit to the composer who wrote the song for you - in Amir.

For you guys who are curious - the song is Amir's wedding gift to his wife. Baca lirik bebetul... mesti dapat faham...

One more song that caught my attention was Mimpi as sung by Aisyah. Yang tulis kawan-kawan gak... nice one Faizal Tahir!

Now... let's see what the kids have to offer in the music industry....

So another feather in Amir's cap. He is the first former reality show contestant to have written for the immediate next season. Starting the year with Anugerah Juara Lagu, looks like it's going to be a good closing of the year.

We're not going to Anugerah Juara Lagu in January next year. Unfortunately Penghibur Jalanan didn't make the cut - which I wasn't disappointed at since I knew it was a competition song. However, a little sad Gelisah didn't get to make it to the semifinal stage to compete because I know the jury would have found it interesting.

Oh gambar bawah throwback malam sebelum we performed at second semifinals of Muzik Muzik. Takpe... tak kayak we had fun. Besides... there's always next year.