Sunday, September 22, 2013


Woke up really tired. I have to say I don't know how the Japanese live in such cramped places. Their hotels are not cheap and yet space is so limited. I didn't even take pictures of the room in the hotel we were staying in because I couldn't even get a good angle. Seriously!

Even First World Hotel has more more floor space in its rooms. And being claustrophobic... I didn't sleep well. Well... ok... I'm lying. I slept like a baby. Just got woken up by the sound of the others waking up. Yes, I could easily hear whatever activities in four to five rooms next to us.

Early morning today as it's Amir's turn to perform. His venue for the Kansai Music Conference was at the Osaka Museum of History, next to NHK Japan. Gorgeous building as the lobby is encased in this giant disco ball glass dome sandwiched like a structure out of a Harry Potter movie between both buildings.

I'm so happy Amir impressed with his performance. So much so, the organisers  came up and spoke to me - impressed by his performance...

After we were done - it was back to the hotel just a few hundred meters away... freshened up and grabbed a train to head downtown for some food.

And thus the real Osaka adventure begins. With all the shows done - semarang masa jalan-jalan betul. I suggested Den Den Town (I Google every location I go to for places of my interest).

Den Den Town is otaku heaven. Next to Tokyo's Akihabara of course. But since I haven't been to Tokyo and I'm in Osaka, Den Den Town here we come.

Now, Den Den Town js known for a HUGE area filled with shops offering mostly things related to manga, anime, tech toys and porn. And a lot more stuff in between. This store became a landmark for us in days to come... nama yang sesuai if you ask me. SLUM.

But it wasn't all about adult themed entertainment. I had my eyes on some tech stuff - like this awesome 3D printer. Babiks... nak sangat!!!! Tapi sebab kawal diri jangan boros, maka ku gigih than nafsu dari beli.

Don't let me get started on the toys... I think I'm in heaven!

And music stores...

Since we got to Den Den Town quite late in the evening... sebab sesat, plus we had some distance to travel to dinner (cabs cost a fucking bomb - but sometimes a necessity from the long train rides).

What I'm amazed with - is again, how the Japanese discipline themselves. This is a common sight.

Tengok tu. Dahlah beratur. Semua ke tepi kanan jadi orang yang nak cepat leh je lalu. Takde duk sebelah menyebelah borak pasal Tupperware ke MLM bagai ok....

I'm impressed. Balik nanti nak ubah diri aku. I feel like a savage in situations like this - and the Japanese are a good model of how disciplined they are... definitely.