Thursday, September 12, 2013

School's in!

I'm a little bit rusty... dah lama tak mengajar. 

Earlier tonight had a very special class. Focusing on the subject of social media and PR and it was for the new chosen contestants of Akademi Fantasia 2013.

Dari persembahan mereka, I have to say they're quite a talented lot.

Sadly enough since bab pertandingan ni... of course only the strong survive... and I have already three or four favourites who I believe will do well in many aspects of the competition.

I think I scared the kids just a little bit... but all in all - I'm proud for having such a great bunch of kids to train. Though I noticed one or two not paying attention.

Tunggu ko keluar dik... reality bites hard.

To Aisyah, Amira, Azhael, Iman, Indah, Darren, Faizul, Irmisa, Nabila, Nona, Sani dan Suhada - all the best!