Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One more

So after two days of going around Den Den Town, you'd think I'd be bored. Nope.... time was precious and past two days at Den Den have only been a couple of hours spent there a day at best.

How else are you going to really take in a six storey porn emporium. I kid you. Not.

So started early in the morning to walk around Den Den Town. Again. Today started with music stores. A second hand music store to be exact. Awesome! It was in the back alley (where I also found this fantastic lunch spot in a quaint small restaurant that has the best chicken karate I've ever had). 

See that black and goldfish guitar? That's a Rickenbacker 1957! Fuck! The Gibson's pretty sweet too, but the Rickenbacker memang sakit hati. RM9,000... kalau aku cukup duit aku dah beli dah!

The Gretsch is nice too.. but this Japanese Fender steel guitar gets me. Damn. RM3,000 gitu.

And I love this nyunga nyunga - just that it's too damn pricey. Beautiful sounds though...

Check out that red with cream 'piping' Rickenbacker bass!

Ok enough guitars and musical instruments. Fancy a hemp air freshener?

How'd I end up in the sex emporium? The sex dolls are awesome. Siap sections for wigs, clothes, shoes... etc. The Japanese really live in their fantasies.

More safer for work photos. Toy stores!

Oh look... it's Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece. I have to admit... after the first day at Den Den Town.... I still had no idea what One Piece (the number one manga and anime in the world was).

Sehinggalah sayang aku mesej kalau boleh kirim belikan Tony Tony Chopper. I had no freaking clu what that was. So download one or two episodes and watched. Immediately hooked.

Didn't buy so much One Piece stuff (bound to regret for sure once back in KL). The thing about Japan is... I love how their mainstream anime and manga crosses over into hentai.

Check out Boa Hancock and Luffy from One Piece.

Like what?

And then there are more fun stuff - like this. What would Japan be without Godzilla eh? Or a gigantic remote control one at that...

Pellet guns were also in abundance. Damn... so much stuff to buy. I really wished I had more cash for shopping...