Friday, September 27, 2013 favourite things...

So I'm having Japan withdrawal symptoms. Craving for green tea, chicken karaage, sushi and bath houses. 

Oh well at least I have some shopping I did there. 

Tops on my list of most worth buys in Japan - this portable mobile phone battery charger. What's so unique? It runs on 3 AA batteries. What? Rechargeable batteries lah. So you can pop into a store and buy batteries if you're really in need for some juice and it's not charged up.

Or alternatively you can flip up the handle, and start cranking! Manual recharge! Useful for outdoorsy activities that may not come with a plug to stuff your charger into...

Second thing is more of a novelty item. How'd you like my earphones.

If the picture looks weird... it's probably because these gigantic earphones, are actually speakers. Cute ain't it. Now excuse me while I look for tamago and inari to munch on.