Monday, September 23, 2013

Den Den Town again

Started the day at Dotonbori. The downtown area honestly doesn't interest me because it's like any other metropolitan city in the world. Except more crowded. Which is why I guess there was no appeal for me. 

I prefer places of retail - that have a little bit more to hold my interest. Not really keen on shops that only offer what we already have back home. Cam buang masa ke negara orang kan kalau gitu...

This creative display caught my attention. Love the idea behind the attempt to use whatever space they had (since floor space is limited).

This Snow White inspired outfit caught my eye too. Wondering who the heck would wear this and for what apart from being fetish wear of sorts.

Quick lunch and it was on to more shops... music stores to be exact.

Still nothing caught my interest... so it was back to Den Den Town. Used panties anyone? (I'm not kidding!)

Ok... so that's not my interest. These are. TOYS!

I REALLY wanted to get this. I think his name was Blade from the Puppet Master movies. Damn! This is a rare find!

There were many other rare finds. Like this 'green farm'. Grow your own organics - in the comfort of your own home. This is apparently big in Japan now. I was imagining more like could someone use this to grow marijuana in their apartment. Matilah!

And here's a hot meal vending machine. I can't even begin to tell you how these things still amaze me...

It was getting dark, so sped through some other stores after picking up some finds. Spotted this cosplay store.

If you're ever in Den Den Town - you won't miss this!

And you should check this out. Passed this restaurant. Damn. Note what's on EVERY table.

Tiring day. Squeezing in one more day tomorrow at Den Den Town before the end of our trip to Japan.