Sunday, July 28, 2013


I love thee Blackberry... let me count the ways...

Ok fine. So I'm a Blackberry fanboy. What can I say... nothing beats using a Blackberry. Obviously... for me...

So anyways, today switched my white Z10 (I love the white, but it is quite a bitch to care for such a pure object) to a limited edition developer's version of the Z10 in red.

Only 12,000 units in the world - so yeah... I guess it's worth the switch even though the red is an STL 100-1 compared to my STL100-2 white Z10 (difference being STL100-1 is not 4G enabled).

Oh fuck it. It's the look that matters. Style over substance indeed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Yeay! Another single out. Gelisah is Amir's third single. Yesterday, we took it to Muzik Muzik 28. Watch out for it, guys... and remember to vote!

Ada rezeki, sekali dengan the second single, Penghibur Jalanan - who knows... maybe we can make a double appearance at Muzik Muzik separuh akhir this year.

Nothing is impossible. Tanpamu proved that...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


In almost two decades of being a journalist, and having covered almost every desk (including the political beat), I've been in and out of Government offices and minister's offices and such.

Today however was something special for me.

Despite everyone knowing I have almost an anti establishment stand on things when it comes to political views (since I believe that absolute power corrupts) - I'm proud to visit a 'friend' in his office yesterday.

He's been in office for a month plus now (and I finally get an invite to his office where he gets to show off the view) for an informal meeting with KJ. Being the same age as KJ, I do have much respect for him (though I'd rather not admit it).

Here's to you sir, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Malaysia.