Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Lamanya rasa tak update blog. Sibuk pilihanraya, sibuk shooting, sibuk menyibukkan diri.

I really have no time to update my blog. Or maybe I do, but choose to spend it elsewhere.

I read a study that says, you can't focus on more than two social media networks at any point, due to the total obsession you would have to embrace the Internet day and night.

Already I spend so much time on Twitter, and trying to make myself use Facebook more often - so my blog has to suffer in return..

Still I will try... here and there to be more vigilant of abandoning my blog.

Banyak rasanya nak kongsi... soal kerja, soal peribadi... sebab ni lah satu-satunya tempat aku dapat meluahkan perasaan tanpa pikir akan membosankan orang ke tak. Kalau bosan tutup je... heh!

Nanti lah. Some things happening over the next couple of weeks that will determine how 2013 and beyond will go. Hoping for some good news.