Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's been a seriously tiring month.

In between regular work, of course I have Amir to take care of. For the month of May, it was packed with his shooting schedule for the musical comedy drama O.M.G. for TV3.

Shooting was so much fun, but tiring. Tapi dapatlah merasa keadaan macam-macam.

Shooting tengah hutan jadi santapan nyamuk, dalam panas kat hutan (sambil mereka shooting berendam dalam sungai yang sejuk nak mampus), tengah bandar sambil beribu orang jeling as they walk past...

Quite an experience. Rindu pula berlakon... but dah pernah merasa berapa kali sudah serik. Still... banyak kenangan dalam shooting dua minggu lebih.

Thanks Black, One dan Anas yang sekali main cast, and of course Akim, Ila dan Elfa. The crew led by Boboy was fun to be with always. Matilah gelak cam orang gila je memanjang...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Colours of Rangoli (or peroxide poisoning)

I rarely camwhore. I detest taking photos... because I know firstly, unlike most people - I realise I have one of those faces bet left unphotographed. Seriously... and secondly, it doesn't help that I'm not in the least bit photogenic, no matter how hard I try.

But I'll share this much. Bought some Manic Panic hair dye... this is a brand I've been familiar with since I was 14 or 15. Back then, only one or two shops in Kuala Lumpur carried limited stocks and  colours of it.

I remember getting an electric green one... and since I started doing DIY hair colour projects then... I thought.. hey why not.

Why not was because I ended up looking like the underside of a very unflattering rock, with moss and other shit with this dirty green that was left on my head. Most of which washed off within the next few days (which left me even more fucked up as the process went on).

Nowadays I still DIY my hair.. though it's more rare since I really don't have the time to get about it.

Since I found Manic Panic available online during a random shopaholic online stroll, the collection above is what I sent out for.

Oh and that's not blue (the bottle is... but it's actually turquoise). And here are the two colours I managed to get done (pink/red are my usual colours so no point sharing those).

Love them... definitely have to send out for some more...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Lamanya rasa tak update blog. Sibuk pilihanraya, sibuk shooting, sibuk menyibukkan diri.

I really have no time to update my blog. Or maybe I do, but choose to spend it elsewhere.

I read a study that says, you can't focus on more than two social media networks at any point, due to the total obsession you would have to embrace the Internet day and night.

Already I spend so much time on Twitter, and trying to make myself use Facebook more often - so my blog has to suffer in return..

Still I will try... here and there to be more vigilant of abandoning my blog.

Banyak rasanya nak kongsi... soal kerja, soal peribadi... sebab ni lah satu-satunya tempat aku dapat meluahkan perasaan tanpa pikir akan membosankan orang ke tak. Kalau bosan tutup je... heh!

Nanti lah. Some things happening over the next couple of weeks that will determine how 2013 and beyond will go. Hoping for some good news.