Thursday, March 28, 2013

Twitter's 'new' policy

Some people were asking me about a new rule on Twitter. Supposedly if you tweet a verified account, they can't see it unless the person follows you.

I laughed inside, knowing that with no official announcement for Twitter, it was some idiot trolling or pulling a fast one.

So some dumb bitch got massive attention because they spent their time asking people to retweet something that was not true. How could you ever assume a new policy by Twitter because there was possibly a bug?

Or maybe it was just someone upset that a celebrity wasn't following them, and didn't reply their tweet.

To cut a long story short - are people really that stupid to NOT look for the source of stories like that and wonder why there's no OFFICIAL word?

Sheesh. Come on people. It's 2013. Get with the program!

...or perhaps you believe in the tooth fairy too.

Here's Twitter's OFFICIAL word on the situation.

Happy now?

Congratulations. You got trolled.