Friday, March 22, 2013

Blackberry history

I'm so happy today, it's worth a blog entry. Aku selalu minat kumpul benda-benda yang pelik. One of my obsessions I've blogged about obviously are toys (specifically from the cult hit M.A.S.K.) from the 80s. There's also Gucci - but since I'm not exactly swimming in money, that 'hobby' is a little harder.

Another love of mine - of course, is Blackberry.

My first phone was Motorola. And I was stuck on it for years. I tried almost every model that came out - managing to get my hands on the latest. And then - I discovered Nokia. Motorola stopped innovating - and Nokia was top dog. There were occasional flirtations with other brands like Siemens, Alcatel... etc.

My last Nokia was the N95 - and then I discovered Blackberry with my Blackberry Bold 9700.

Needless to say - even though I started a little bit late, I've been hooked on Blackberry since. No matter what anyone said about it - I loved it, because it works for me. Fuck apps and shit. Who needs 800,000 apps on a phone that lasts only 4-6 hours (clue : iPhone)

So up to now, I've had the 9700, 9780 (sold), 9900 - and of course the Playbook and the Porsche Design P'9981 apart from my latest in the Z10. It's sad of course that my P'9981 got its screen broken 0 so that's RM6,400 down the drain. It still works, but the touch function doesn't work. 

Blackberry Malaysia and Singapore tried calling around but they can't find a replacement. So it's just part of my collection now.

For the last two weeks, I've been happy over my Z10.

 And of course, I'm waiting for the next release in the Q10 - I've always loved the Qwerty function more. But I'm definitely holding on to my Z10 - it is the BEST smartphone in the market - and even if you hate the Blackberry - you MUST check it out. Screw Androids and iPhones. It doesn't even come close.

Today however - after two weeks (12 days exactly since a friend sent it from the States), I received a package. I've been waiting for it, worried that it may get lost, misdirected and so on. You know the postal service...

But surprising that past 7pm today, there was a delivery!

Guess what it is!!!!

Want to know what it is? Here's it is. TAA-DAA!!!!

And now a little history lesson. Beginning from the bottom photo.

This is the RIM - Blackberry 957 released in 2000. It's one of the earliest models of Blackberry handheld devices. Blackberry began with the Inter@ctive Pager - and moved on to PDAs. The first four models were the 850 - then on to the 857, 950 and 957. So this is a little piece of history in my hands.

Next, RIM released the monochrome Java based series - the 5000 and 6000s series. This is the Blackberry 6750 - among the first of Blackberry's smartphones. This was released in 2002.

And then Blackberry began releasing its first batch of colour series phones - 7200, 7500 and 7700. This is one of the earliest models - the Blackberry 7230 released in 2003.

And last but not least, this is the Blackberry 7730 - the last of the series before the current crop of Bold, Curve, Storm, Torch and Tour after the 8800 lot. 

I am EXTREMELY proud to have one of the healthiest collections of Blackberry history in Malaysia. All of these Blackberrys - if I'm not mistaken were never released in Malaysia. We started with the 8*** series.

And just a little extra - as you can see in the photos, the 7730 works fine - as I managed to get a charger for it since it uses the old charger yang kepala besar sikit ala ala yang Bold 9000 nya.

The funny thing was that masa member kat US snapped a photo of it, he had the phone on. And despite it being in the box for TWO weeks - the phone was STILL on when I opened the box and it had 10% battery left! Awesome!

The rest I'm not sure if they work, but they should be. Just need to find the chargers for it.

And that - is the little happiness that I have to share with for today. Joy!

I love Blackberry!



surprisingly when I read this post there was/were no ifag around,

I used blackberry once for a few months but sadly it was stolen in late January this year. I would say the facebook, twitter and whatapp applications didn't drain the battery as fast as those android/ios around