Sunday, February 24, 2013

This mall is on fire

Earlier tonight... Twitter was abuzz about the blackout in Sri Pentas, TV3's office. 

That was the first tweet I read. Tak sampai seminit mula berduyun tweet mengenai 1 Utama pun blackout tiba-tiba.

The photos came fast and furious, a majority of which were people cam-whoring in the dark. Don't ask me why as I can't even to begin to make sense of why one would do that in a blackout.

Then the real news started coming out. Apparently, a fire broke out in 1 Utama. Quite horrific really, as the first thing I thought about was the Empire Mall explosion not too long ago. Except in this case, 1 Utama was fully within operation hours. And peak hours, mind you.

The fire however apparently started before 9pm at a storage area on the sixth floor or something, causing the electricity to be cut off. There were no serious incidents thankfully.