Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rest In Peace

PETALING JAYA: Malaysian Claudia Theophilus, 42, a journalist with Al-Jazeera, was shot dead in Baakleen, in the mountains of Lebanon at 2.30am (Lebanon time) on Saturday.
She was with two other friends. One of them reported the matter to the police who alerted the Malaysian Embassy in Beirut.
Ambassador Ilango Karuppannan confirmed Sunday that she was shot dead but said that details remained sketchy.
He said that her body had been taken to a hospital in Baakleen and an autopsy had been done.
“We are on the way there now,” he told The Star.

Rest in peace Claudia. You were a great mentor to me throughout my time at The Sun when I was just learning the ropes to be a journalist. You pushed me, put up with my crazy and always told me to be myself. With you, Arfa, Sharon, An Nee, Reen, Ghee, Buvi, Hamidi and the rest... I learnt the basics of everything I needed to be a good reporter, journo and writer.

You always told me to keep asking, never be satisfied with answers and pushed me to think out of the box.

We haven't met in so long, and it's sad that I have to come across you in such a manner through such sad news. I love you, sister. I pray that God will bless your soul. Rest well, and we'll hit the party in the sky together soon. Much love...