Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The music industry can deal such a cruel blow to you with their brand of reality. Looks are so often, the measure of whether someone will make it in the business.

And yet, like this video, it proves that sometimes... having someone to believe in you is enough to guarantee a reversal of fortune. Better still... the loyalty of friendship, is something that will will make you more respected and loved.

Do watch this video. Sumpah sejak semalam aku tonton video ni, aku inspired gila babiks. These kind of stories give me faith and belief in human nature. Simply... amazing... in more ways that one.



Charlotte & Jonathan ni dah keluar album. baru2 ni ada jumpa album diorang kat kedai. =)

tak silap diorang menang nombor 2 dalam Britain's Got Talent. yang dapat nombor 1 si budak perempuan dengan anjing dia.

inspiring! first his voice. but more importantly friendship and how he stood up for her too