Monday, December 30, 2013

Wingardiuuummm.. oh screw it

Just a random entry today... I'm starting to get obsessed with toys again. I have no idea why. Japan has awaked that 9 year old kid in me I guess.

Anyway, was at rehearsals in Angkasapuri today, and got bored by the long wait. So slid my hand into my pocket, pulled out my Harry Potter - and voila! Instant photo shoot with a great backdrop and lighting. 

Yes... it's actually on a proper stage and that background is for real. 

I got weird looks. Oh well...

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Ever since I came back from my trip to Japan, I have to admit I'm a little One Piece crazy.

I mean... imagine I watch 620 plus 1/2 hour episodes, and 12 full length animated specials, each about an hour or more to catch up - in just under two months since returning from Osaka.

Now... I still hold fast that manga does't do anything for me... neither does anime, really. 

One Piece however is... different. It's like an Asian Harry Potter where this whole world is created.

The plots and story arcs are interesting to say the least and the characters are well developed. Even the most minor role ends up having a significant impact on the storyline when you least expect it. Drama... those moments that tug at your heartstrings... action... One Piece - is - IT!

So earlier today - went to my first ever comic con at the annual Comic Fiesta in KLCC. Even semi-cosplayed. Semi as in I didn't plan on cosplaying - but went in jeans and a jacket, and did my FX make up as a tribute to Aleessa Gillespie from Silent Hill.

It was amazing... the energy. Yes I'm a noob... but doing DIY FX for Halloween, I become very judgmental of people's costumes. I hat store bought costumes - shows you lack effort.

But that's not what cosplaying is about - it's about loving a character or world created so much, you realise it in person. That feel good factor. And it was good to see so many One Piece characters running around (a lot of Luffys and Sanjis).

Here are some of the snaps I took.

Of course... I got sucked into buying stuff.

Bought three swords. These are cosplay swords (which means they can't be made out of anything dangerous, and there are craved in wood).

The first is Trafalgar Law's Kikoku sword. Of course Law being one of the more interesting characters that has recently been spotlighted in the series as he gangs up with Luffy and everyone loves him.

Then there's the Shusui and the Was Ichimonji katanas used by Roronoa Zoro. Damn missed missed out on the Sandai Kintetsu. But I guess getting it for half the price... by waiting till the shops were closing... there'd be that risk. Got these two for cheap.

Oh goodness... I think I'm seriously going to start cosplaying very, very... soon.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Tis the season

One of the best things when it comes to the end of the year... are the celebrations.

With Christmas... and New Year... it's makan for the whole month with various dinners and events. Yeay. Earlier this evening, had a nice Christmas spread in advance with the Blackberry peeps from Singapore and Malaysia.

Glad to see everyone and had a good time, over good food.

And got a little personalised present from Blackberry as well - my Moleskine organizer with my name on it.

Now if I can only find the time to use it, since everything's in my Blackberry anyway.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I hate dressy events. I hate them because I'll see overdressed, fashion disasters everywhere I look. 

Oh well... malam tadi ke Anugerah Industri Muzik. I think a lot of people already know what I think of it... so yeah.

Pergi pun kerana menghormati jemputan.

The 'red carpet' or silver platform... was chaotic at best. And when we finally got in - ala.. macam set Anugerah Juara Lagu je. Versi tak lengkap lah...

And the reason I was there...

Amir got four nominations for his debut album. Awesome for an independent act without any political connection.

Album wise, Amir ties with Hazama and Hafiz for most nominations.

Personally - he holds the most nominations since he has two more with Go Gerila!

And me... I was behind the design of the album which was nominated for Best Album Cover, and I did the storyboard and concept for the Tanpamu music video which was nominated in Best Music Video.

So yeah... I technically got my first two nominations for AIM.

We didn't win anything that night... expectedly. And it's ok. We have a long way more to go.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Christmas wrecking ball

Since Christmas is just around the corner, here's an idea for an ornament for your Christmas tree. It's DIY and really simple to do.

Simply print out Miley "Attention Seeking Nutjob" Cyrus, stick her on some cardboard and affix her to any ornament ball you have on the tree. 


Sunday, December 01, 2013

Rush period

This is by far one of the busiest weeks I've had for the longest time.

Lari sana lari sini. Landing dari Bali je terus gi Stadium Bukit Jalil kerana bertugas Amir buat persembahan di Konsert 9X Gig TV9.

Gila sail crowd dia!!!! Packed nak mampus!

So tired. balik show terus hibernasi lah ni. Still all in all... I'm glad I'm kept on my toes.

Return to Bali

It's been SO long since I've been to Bali. Sampai airport pun dah renovate tak cam.

After last night's Anugerah Skrin, this morning (way too early) caught the flight to Bali for my twin's (he's my best friend) sister's wedding.  Supposed to have been there earlier tapi sebab Anugerah Skrin gi lambat...for the reception saja.

A beautiful day...

Made to look like armageddon with really over the top effects akibat bosan naik teksi, macet...

You know what I love about Indonesian weddings. Look at this. Their invite is SO respectful and yet still quite sharp in cautioning guests. Here's a marker that came with the card - that stresses it's a one invite one guest policy.

And the language used is so formal and polite. And they even apologise if they get your name wrong (which they don't but they do apologise in case). Note reminders on being punctual as well.

I love weddings done well. And it was a great one.

Thanks Leo!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Anugerah Skrin

I sort of liked the stage for Anugerah Skrin tadi. What do you guys think?

Anyway, it's fun to be at awards shows duduk belakang because you get to see the real action and know the real stories behind the show.

Kekadang jadi audience ni bosan gak.. sebab tak leh berganjak kalao ada part bosan tu. Matilah... heh!

Cuma ye lah... kita dok belakang tak focus show atas pentas sebab sibuk sesi borak (aka gosip) kat belakang.

Congratulations to those people behind the scenes who make the show what it is!  Atas crew TV3 led by Ayong... and bawah music director extraordinaire for the night, Lok U.

Sebab tak fokus majlis, tak sempat snap banyak pics. Sempat tuk seorang kawan yang lama sangat tak nampak. Smart rupa dia malam tadi! Hi Remy!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Just a short entry with a berangan pic lawa tapi sebenarnya biasa je kan shot...

Ni dari show siang tadi bersama Atilia dan Dafi. These people are funny together. Semua ada kepelikan sendiri. 

But glad to say they're all professionals in the way they handle themselves, and that's what counts.

Friday, November 22, 2013

All you need...

I'm not a photography expert, or even an enthusiast for that matter. In an age where everyone hauls DSLRs, I guess I'm slow to pick up on that...

Truth be told I like photography where a photo speaks to you - but have no desire to get serious into it. Buat pakai Blackberry Z10 pun cukup lah ala kadar. Feeling Instagram model la jawabnya...

Here are some shots I took during the Muzik Muzik semifinal last night... hope you guys like them. I love Stacy's best...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yeay Faizul

Congratulations to all the contestants of Akademi Fantasia 2013. Especially Faizul who won last night.

I am especially proud because Faizul was on of those that I spotted as being a potential winner by the fourth week of competition - and I'm glad he proved me right.

Plus, being a former band boy, I'm glad to see him break the stereotype of a non-musician champion.

Have to admit though was disappointed Aisyah was at sixth because I thought she deserved a higher placing that that.

Still... congratulations to all the finalists. You guys worked hard. Just remember what I told you during my class. This is only the beginning of many trials to come. It won't be easy - and a lot of of you are going to disappear... except for those who persevere.

Make it!

Thanks Faizul for delivering Sepasang Sayap well enough. You are a credit to the composer who wrote the song for you - in Amir.

For you guys who are curious - the song is Amir's wedding gift to his wife. Baca lirik bebetul... mesti dapat faham...

One more song that caught my attention was Mimpi as sung by Aisyah. Yang tulis kawan-kawan gak... nice one Faizal Tahir!

Now... let's see what the kids have to offer in the music industry....

So another feather in Amir's cap. He is the first former reality show contestant to have written for the immediate next season. Starting the year with Anugerah Juara Lagu, looks like it's going to be a good closing of the year.

We're not going to Anugerah Juara Lagu in January next year. Unfortunately Penghibur Jalanan didn't make the cut - which I wasn't disappointed at since I knew it was a competition song. However, a little sad Gelisah didn't get to make it to the semifinal stage to compete because I know the jury would have found it interesting.

Oh gambar bawah throwback malam sebelum we performed at second semifinals of Muzik Muzik. Takpe... tak kayak we had fun. Besides... there's always next year.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Three 10s

I forgot to update. I have a new toy!

Yes, aftr my red Z10, my white Q10 - I now have the black/silver Z30 to joint he family. Yeay!

And to make it to the Blackberry creative director and ambassador... Alicia Keys. Nice!

I love Blackberry!