Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Our golden boy

Today I got to exercise my PRIVILEGE of being a Malaysian by going to the airport to welcome our national sporting hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei. Such a beautiful moment to see Malaysians of all ages, races and religions gather to welcome home our own Olympic silver medallist.

Salute, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Pasni naik Tan Sri ye... hik.

Tapi dalam kegembiraan ada juga benda menyakitkan hati. Contohnya... sampai airport, bukan ramai fans pun ada. Sedih gak... time Harimau Malaya, ramai gila.

Masa Datuk Lee Chong Wei, I would say less than 500 fans yang betul-betul gathered to welcome him home.

Tapi takpe. Janji semangat. UNFORTUNATELY, fans dan media yang rilek je... jadi bengang sebab perangai pegawai MSN yang overdose feeling glam apit dia kiri kanan.

Pemain negara lain dan coaches semua cam buat tak nampak, dan terus menghalang orang dekat sebab masa tu media nak amik gambar, semua pegawai atasan MSN nak enter frame masuk gambar. Haram leh dapat sekeping pun of Datuk Lee Chong Wei tanpa yang nak numpang.

But what's sadder... is this...

I don't think it was Datuk Lee Chong Wei's goal to win a gold for RM4 million. He's first of all a millionaire. Secondly, he is probably more proud to be Malaysian than the idiot who thought up this headline.

Yes. Being patriotic doesn't have a price tag you morons!

PS - The first tweet Datuk Lee Chong Wei tweeted was that he was sorry. That alone tells you what kind of person he is. And the fact the paper would never be apologetic for their stupidity - too reveals what kind of people run it.