Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yes. I am 36 today.

Syukur ke atas segala pemberianNya. 36 years of life, blessings in abundance to give thanks for.

Today - is the best birthday present I could have - my dad, mom and sister - the best family anyone could ever have, the things I do for a living which I love that sometimes I feel like it's a crime to get paid for because I enjoy it so much (but I still need to eat) and the lovely people that surround me in the people who love and care for me for who I am.

I ask for nothing this year - only the chance to thank God for everything he's blessed me with.

This is the first birthday in MANY years I have reasons to be nothing BUT happy.

Kali pertama dalam begitu lama aku tak sedih ke stress ke sakit hati ke...

I'm just happy.

Not all of my dreams have been met yet... but it's alright. I'm just enjoying the journey.

Thanks everyone for the HUNDREDS of wishes through Facebook, Twitter (sampai kena limit aku nak reply), BBM, SMS etc. You guys rock and you guys made today - just that little bit more special.

Hugs all around!